Since I was young I’ve known that playing, recording and producing music was what I was put on this earth to do. Hundreds of hours as a teenager, tinkering in my parents garage on a four-track recorder - I would never have dreamt that one day I could do it for a living! Recording and producing music is as magical to me now as it was then, and helping others to realise the sounds they have in their heads is my favourite thing in the world.

I can help you at all stages of the record-making process, from songwriting right through to the finished product. I’m particularly adept at getting things done when time and money is of the essence so get in touch and let’s make your next record count.

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High-quality, stylistically appropriate and powerful mixing is the difference between an engaging and moving listening experience and one that is distracting and two-dimensional.

Making the moving parts of a production fit together and create an immersive sonic picture is what I love doing. In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll love what I can do for your music that I’ll put my money where my mouth is. Click below and I’ll mix one of your songs for free. If you don’t dig it, you don’t pay.

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From a musicians point of view, mastering is often a very expensive ‘dark art’ performed behind closed doors. Artists aren’t usually encouraged to attend mastering sessions, let alone provide input or feedback. This makes zero sense to me.

Your art is yours, and you should be involved intimately with each and every part of the process, including mastering. Also, given that mastering might contribute at most 5-10% of the final sonic outcome of a project, it should be priced accordingly. My aim is to provide spectacular sounding mastering, using professional analogue and digital tools at a price that actually makes sense in the current musical climate. I don’t charge more for attended sessions, I don’t charge for CD’s or DDPs or vinyl masters. The price is reasonable and it includes everything.



7/111 Moore Street
Leichhardt, NSW, 2040

I’m at the studio most weekdays from 10am-6pm. Contact me below if you’d like to come by for a yarn, a squiz, a coffee or a cold one. I’d love to discuss your music.

PH: (+61) 402 664 849

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