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My mastering rates are all inclusive. This means there are no hidden fees and no extra charges for attended sessions. DDP files, master CDs, ISRC code embedding, vinyl masters and MP3s are all included in the price of mastering. A number of reasonable revisions may also be included if need be.

You can expect to walk away from a mastering session with the following:

- A digital master file of each song in 16-Bit, 44.1kHz .wav standard for uploading to distribution and other online services that will accept high quality .wav files.

- A digital master file of each song in 320kb/s .mp3 format for emails, unearthed and any other online services that require smaller files.

- A physical master CD if you would like one to have replicated or duplicated at a CD manufacturing plant.

- A DDP file that can be send directly to a CD manufacturing plant instead of a physical CD master.

- High resolution ‘Vinyl’ masters specially prepared for sending to a vinyl record pressing plant. These are usually 24-Bit 48kHz .wav files.

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