Need To Know

Below you will find everything you should need to know about working with Nick.

Put microphones near things.

Put microphones near things.

Record Production.

Nick is a freelance record producer first and foremost. Practically speaking this means he can and will work anywhere that suits your budget and desires. He has made records in living rooms with mates and in multi-million dollar facilities with Miley Cyrus. In Sydney, Nick has relationships with and prefers Rolodex Sound, Linear Recording and A-Sharp Studios and can negotiate rates with these facilities. 

Nick's fee for music production and engineering are as follows:

$400.00/9-hour week day

$450.00/9-hour Saturday

$500.00/9-hour Sunday




Nick can provide both remote and attended mixing sessions from his hybrid analogue/digital production facility Rolodex Sound.

Rates are applied as per record production rate above.

Nick can mix as many songs in a day as is requested, but his preferred pace is 2-3 songs per day. The exact amount of time required to mix a song of course depends on the complexity of the recording. Contact us for a more detailed quote. 

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Nick's career in professional music began working beneath industry veteran and revered mastering engineer Rick O'Neil at Turtlerock Mastering. 

To this day Nick masters records every week.

Mastering services we provide

- Processing though high-end analogue mastering equipment
- Mastering for all formats including CD, Vinyl and digital release
- Master CD and DDP file generation

Rates for basic digital mastering -

Single : $100.00
EP: $350.00
Album: $600.00









In 2006 Nick started NF Audio, a company to build one-of-a-kind boutique audio equipment for the recording industry.

There are now hundreds of NF Audio builds in use across the globe.