Click here for free FAT VINTAGE Drum Samples

Personally I loathe the overly excitable, bombastic sound of most modern, commercially drum kit samples. I prefer the warmer, thicker tones of vintage drum kits through analogue outboard equipment. These drum samples were made during a session on an old 3-ply Tama drum kit and a Ludwig Supraphonic snare. Tuning is low, processing is minimal, result is fat.


Click here for free CRUNCHY & WEIRD Drum Samples

The aim of the game on this session was to capture the excitement of crunchy hip-hop drum samples whilst retaining the organic textures of real drums. The mics were in strange positions, the compressors were working. Bring new creative energy to your production with these weird and wonderful drum samples.


Click here to get NICKS CUSTOM KIT Drum Samples

This collection of samples I created using my own vintage Rogers drum set to perfectly suit the way I like to hear drums in a mix. The tones are a mix of vintage vibe with modern snap. The samples have been heavily processed so they should slide right on in to a mix.