About our music production services.

How does the free mix offer work?

New clients can have one (1) song mixed to evaluate, free of charge. If you love the mix we have a range of ways you can obtain the full, high quality download. Hate it? Don't pay. Click here to find out more.

how long is a studio day?

A studio day in our world is (about) 9 hours. Nick likes a 10am start so that everyone is home for dinner but we can be flexible if need be. We understand that some studios or producers may offer longer days but Nick firmly believes that if everyone on the session is working hard, fast and smart, anything over 9-10 hours will be unproductive at best.

how long does recording take?

How long is a piece of string?! The required time to make music varies hugely based on a range of factors including how complex the music is, the approach to the recording in terms of overdubs, and how well rehearsed and prepared the music is. The best way to obtain an accurate estimate is to contact us.

how long does mixing take?

Nicks preferred pace for mixing is about 3-5 hours per song, or 2-3 songs per day, but of course this may vary depending on the complexity (or lack thereof) of your song. Nick will always endeavour to move as quickly as reasonably possible for you to meet important goalposts during your project. If you're concerned or curious about how long your project might take to mix just contact us!

do you offer discounts for large or long bookings?

Yes, we can absolutely negotiate rates on longer bookings. It's best to start a dialogue with us so we can discuss why it is you need such a long booking and figure out the best approach for your project. Nine times out of ten you will need less time and to spend less money than you think!


You can find a list of Nick's standardised rates here.

In 90% of cases it's best to contact us about timelines and rates. It will probably work out cheaper to work with Nick than you think! Hit us up.