Musician | Record Producer

The true nature and soul of a record is discovered only in its making.

Record Production

Nick can offer his expertise in all functions of the record making process. His philosophy is that every record should be the best record it can be, regardless of budget, studio or limitation.

Having played guitar, drums and sung for dozens of bands including Australia, The Fabergettes and The Metal Babies Nick approaches record making from a musicians perspective.

Nick's own production and mixing facility Rolodex Sound can be seen at


Nick's mastering experience began working for industry veteran Rick O'Neil (Turtlerock Mastering) over 10 years ago. 

Since, Nick has mastered hundreds of singles, EPs and albums for artists all over the world and amassed a collection of high end analogue mastering equipment, delivering results you simply can not get at home.

Pro Audio

NF Audio is a manufacturer of hand-wired, custom made, boutique pro audio products, founded by Nick in 2006.

Nick's devices are now in use in hundreds of studios in over thirty countries around the world. for more information.